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​Gun Repair Service

When it comes to gun repair, quality and expertise is essential for the safety and look of your firearm. If you need gun refurbishment or repair, you need a trained professional in guns; you need a gunsmith. If you do not go to a professional, you risk your small glitch becoming a dangerous malfunction.

Our gun shop can perform repairs for many brands and models. We understand that you want your firearms restoration job completed quickly and effectively, and we will complete the repairs promptly. If you are looking for a reliable gun store that can handle these firearms repair services, stop by Gecko Guns Gunsmith because our gunsmiths will provide excellent repairs without charging you a fortune! Even if your firearm is not malfunctioning, you can bring it to us for firearm cleaning. We can help with rifle repair and hand gun repair!

Check us out at Gecko Guns Gunsmith if you are looking for a trustworthy and affordable gun repair service in Pinole, CA. We do all forms of guns work. Add muzzle brakes, jeweling of bolts and other parts, milling for sights, AR-15 customization, repair of older guns, and much more. Call me, Mike Fernandes.